In my journey I’ve come to realize, that God’s voice is most often heard in the quiet whispers that take place all around us. I believe that God is constantly ‘transmitting’ His voice onto the cosmic ‘air-waves’ of the temporal through the vapor thin barrier which separates the higher realm of eternity from the lower realm of now.

The scriptures speak of how His word goes forth and will not return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11) and we see how He has established and knows all things, from the end to the beginning (Isaiah 46:10).

Too many times we completely miss hearing God’s voice when He speaks, yet the irony is that He is speaking all the time.

All through my adult life, I’ve asked God to speak to me and show me what His plan and purpose is for me. It is a request that comes from a place rooted in the hurt of not having my earthly father here for me…after all, my dad took his own life when I was just a little boy.

Over the years I’ve searched, in various places, for calling and purpose; friends, family and work. As long as these relationships are healthy, they can assist in answering the epic “Why am I here?” question, but ultimately the answer is given by God.

Since my dad’s suicide in 1984, I’ve absorbed the shock and pain from other family members who either took their life from suicide or died from a reckless and irresponsible choice.

The pain of my daughter’s suicide has been the catalyst for my faith on fire. The horror and tragedy of Elizabeth’s choice has pushed me to a place, in my walk with God, that I never could have imagined. Ever since I found Elizabeth’s body lifeless, I’ve been on a quest and journey to understand God’s will, ways, voice and purpose.

Up until the loss of my daughter Elizabeth, I did not really pursue an active and engaged dialogue with God regarding my purpose and destiny. I subscribed to a philosophy and doctrine that put God at a distance. This bad theology taught me that, although God is sovereign and eternal, He’s just not that interested in your personal life…you’re stuck figuring all that mess out on your own.

Please don’t misunderstand; I’ve always known He’s here and I believe and accept it as truth, all that the Bible has to say. In spite of all that, I still did not have a real hunger to understand and know the deeper meanings. Through the course and gauntlet of my struggle, I’ve wrestled with God. There have been moments where I’ve even challenged Him to speak aloud as He did in the days of old with the fathers of the faith such as Abraham, Moses and Elijah.

Yet in spite of my many urgings and pleadings, I did not hear the thunderous voice speak as it did for Abraham. I did not witness a burning yet unconsumed bush like Moses had and I didn’t see fire fall from Heaven like Elijah saw.

Despite my urging and persistence through heartbroken and tearful prayers, I did not hear God’s voice on the anticipated epic scale on which I had hoped. Instead I’ve witnessed God speak in a manner that is so uncanny yet can be easily dismissed if I’m not tuned in and listening on the ‘receiver dial’ of my spirit.

The voice of The Almighty has been layered into perfectly timed encounters and engagements; resonating with every event that has transcended time and chance.

Each beautifully orchestrated answer has been signed by my Father and came with a handwritten note to my soul as if to say “Son, I’m listening and I hear you. It’s ok to cry, I know you hurt. I know your heart is broken and your soul aches, but don’t despair. I’m not far away and I will heal and help you. I’ll never leave you…ever”.

I’ve discovered that the voice of God is manifested through processes, people and placement.

I truly believe that because we as believers are living in an age under the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, we no longer have to be solely dependent upon the same epic physics defying God encounters that those men of old needed, although God is certainly capable of doing so, even today.

Not only has my relationship with God been the source of solace and comfort, but my faith has also been the vehicle by which I’ve discovered some of the most innocuous yet obvious truths.

I’ve learned that the voice of God is often heard in the most easily dismissed locations: A word or message on the radio. A song of faith and praise. An encouraging word or statement from a friend or family member. The testimony of a fellow Christian Brother or Sister. The preacher’s sermon. A divine encounter with a stranger.

All of these are the sudden bursts of God’s voice breaking through the crackling white noise and static of our universe moving around us.

God’s voice is heard through ears of faith. He is near to those who seek Him intentionally and He is Father to them who have a heart to believe.











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