Secret Battlefield

Every Memorial Day, Americans gather and pause to remember and honor our couragous warriors who gave their last full measure for our nation. While we reflect on the sacrifices of these brave fallen, there is a group of warriors whose lives have been cut short in a war that all too often goes unseen. 

By the end of 2020, suicide spiked 25% among our troops across all branches of service – a number which is staggering and heartbreaking! These are brave men and women who wore the cloth of our nation and swore an oath to defend her. While the experts are continuing to string together the reasons for these catastrophic losses, the toll of damage inflicted on the friends and families left behind represents an indescribable cascade of collateral damage which has generational impact.

Today, as we take time to honor our brave men and women who sacrificed their lives serving our nation, l challenge everyone to ask a series of core and critical questions which will help reframe the conversation and expose suicide, save lives, and bring hope. 

  • What discussions are leaders having on the topic of suicide?
  • In what ways are the leaders aware of critical seasons and situations which may aggravate or instigate suicidal thoughts or behavior within their communities?
  • What are the unique aspects and features of military duties that make service members more vulnerable to self-destructive behavior, suicidal ideations, and suicide?
  • What are the stigmas and taboos that may prevent a service member from seeking help?

You can find questions like these and much more in my book HOPE – A Memoir: My Journey of Love, Loss, and Faith.  

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One thought on “Secret Battlefield

  1. Our daughter took her life in July 2018.
    Grief has gone into depression and signs of derealisation. I’m not suicidal but I’m desperate to feel God.
    I have such weird thoughts and experiences i don’t know what to do. I can’t describe them. I seem to be in a place that God’s grace and peace are not available for me. I am so scared.

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