No Plan B or Exit Clause

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” Matthew 19:26

Think with me for a moment.

Many of us have faced or are facing foes and obstacles that are massive (in our own eyes). Giants and mountains of epic proportions that no human strength can topple or climb. You’ve tried everything. You’ve spoken to all the professionals and the answer keeps echoing back with the same familiar words: “Sorry, but we’ve done everything we can…it’s hopeless”.

Perhaps it was a huge financial challenge or crisis; the mortgage is due; the business looks like it’s about to go under and every debt is being called in.

Maybe it was very bad health report from the doctor; an illness that seems terminal and it just seems to be getting worse.

These are just a couple examples of the very real and critical, severe, yes maybe even life and death types of challenges that people face every single day. Situations where, quite frankly, you’re out of options.

You’ve exhausted every possible resource at your fingertips. You’ve seen the experts on your problem, and none of what they have to offer or say has worked. You’ve spent countless hours studying your problem over and over and over.

It’s become a broken record in your life that has taken over as a soundtrack. It has robbed you of your peace, sleep and, according to the earthly prognosis, possibly your future.

The problem you’re facing has proven insolvable through your efforts, connections or even earthly measure.

All the experts have said it’s too late…some have even said “It’ll take a miracle”.

Now we see the purpose of a faith with no Plan B or Exit Clause.

This is faith that says, ‘Only God can fix this now…no one else’. So we approach Him with the mindset and understanding that there is no substitute, Plan B or Exit Clause to our request, petition and prayer.

These are the moments and instances where only the supernatural is the cure; where an answer from outside of the physical realm can re-arrange, re-new and re-order the material mess that you’re in.

In the Bible, every single time Heaven stepped in and intervened on the affairs of man, it was when there seemed to be no way out.

It was in these moments of human impossibility that God over-rode and superseded the rules and order that normally constrains the world around us.

We see story after story of people who trustingly and faithfully brought their humanly-impossible problem to the Eternal God with whom all things are possible.

The Roman Centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant…

  Luke 7:1-10

  Matthew 8:5-13

The woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ robe just so she could be healed…

  Matthew 9:18-26

  Mark 5:22-43

  Luke 8:41-56

The crippled man who was lowered into a room by his friends so Jesus could heal him…

  Mark 2:1-12

  Luke 5:17-39

And these are just three stories from the Gospels…the rest of the Bible is filled with wild and amazing accounts just like these.

At first glance, we see a common thread in each of these stories; there was no human solution to the problem.

But, when we narrow the focus of the faith story-lens further, we see that in every one of these instances, someone was trusting God to act and they requested He intervene upon a physically impossible issue; this is the nexus moment where the requestor simply believes, trusts and then asks the Eternal to change the temporal.

Don’t miss that…every single time someone experienced the supernatural, there was a very deliberate and very real cognitive, albeit a “flash in the pan”, moment where they just simply believed for the miracle.

The manifestation of the miracle was more real in their minds than the specific problem they were facing.

This moment of faith, over physical reasoning is vital! It is where the truth, that is only known by a Believer’s spirit, over-rides what the physical eyes see.

This is where permission is given, by us, for Heaven to intervene.

These is when we are trusting God to completely override the material system that He put in place as a baseline for our physical/material world.

Every single Biblical account of someone experiencing a physics defying miracle shares a common theme with all of the problems humanity faces today.

The person had exhausted every possible means at their immediate disposal. The situation they were in, was beyond the scope of repair with physical/material assets. In all these cases, the only way for the situation to be fixed in accordance with the request, was for the laws of physics to be altered.

Quite simply a faith, with no Plan B or Exit Clause, is when we are cast iron resolute in our belief and conviction that only God can and will fix the particular problem which is the subject of our prayers.

Jesus said in Matthew 17:20 “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.”

Why did Jesus use the example of a mustard seed and not, let’s say, a grain of sand or speck of dust to give us a picture and illustration of proportion?

Because a seed has LIFE…and no matter how small that seed, when it’s planted, it’ll grow into something larger and grander than itself. Inside that tiny, easily dismissed, dust sized, nano-second mustard seed faith is the permission for Heaven to break in and be unleashed upon our world, problems and life.

That’s what mustard seed faith is…it’s faith with No Plan B…No Exit Clause.

It’s a faith where we have come to the place where we KNOW that the only solution is God and nothing else, and we believe Him for our miracle.

This is when our mustard seed faith is operating in synergy with our walk and behavior; it’s where we act upon what we are believing God for.



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