Move forward…stopping is moving backwards 

Normally I write a longer post, but this theme has been on my mind for quite some time. I’ve dealt with numerous people that embrace an ideology of stationary: never moving forward and never improving. They never step out and dare to take risks in order to improve themselves or their immediate sphere of influence.

Instead, they chose to stop and settle in their rut.

Embarking on a journey means leaving where you are right now. Sail your ship and leave the seemingly safe harbor of Comfort Zone Cove. We were not designed to stay in a state of average…because no matter what you may believe, life is not static.

If you decide to stay in a state of average, time will still move forward and progress…that is the nature of the world we live in.

By default, those who decide to never move forward and improve will automatically begin to decay and decline: simply by choosing to stop moving. This includes the world they live in and the ideals and philosophies they hold to…everything around them will gradually become a wasteland.

If you don’t leave the wasteland, you’ll become part of the landscape.

The irony is that choosing to stop will actually begin the process of regression.

The regression happens because everything else in the world around us moves forward through a cycle of propagation and renewal.

Those who chose to stay still will actually end up being left behind.

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