Mediocrity Mindset

The quality of life that a person experiences is often related to the quality of choices that person also makes. Likewise, the quality of these choices is directly connected to the quality of mindset that same person has.

It is in this place called the mind where things like richness and poverty truly start; not in the bank or wallet. Poverty begins in the thought patterns and ideologies that we hold and subscribe to, both knowingly and unknowingly.

These thoughts and ideologies are planted and rooted over time and are sourced from various locations. Most often these beliefs are both taught and learned at an early age. How we are raised and the environment we grew-up in plays a huge factor in the thought and behavior patterns we subscribe to. Furthermore, we propagate and continue to feed these same thoughts and beliefs, in part, through the people we surround ourselves with currently.

Today, I want to address the symptoms of a specific ideology and behavior pattern that I call a Mediocrity Mindset.

Symptoms of a Mediocrity Mindset:

  1. Constant complaining about circumstances, but never doing anything to make a positive change: Despite all the complaining about current circumstances, someone with a mediocrity mindset will never actually make a life climate change because that would mean exerting effort and stepping out of a comfort zone. For many, not making a change allows for a manufactured state of victimhood, which in turn garners the sympathy and attention from others.
  2. Manipulation and control: Some people will never change their lousy circumstances because they like the attention they get from other people feeling sorry for them. This will result in the manipulation, influence and ultimately control of others, especially anyone who is in the inner circle and close; i.e. family and friends.
  3. Lack of ownership and responsibility: People who constantly play the victim and live in mediocrity are most often the victim of their own poor choices and attitudes. They believe that everything that has ever gone wrong in their life is in some shape or form everyone else’s problem, thus someone else should bail them out. This comes with a sense of entitlement and that anything good should be handed to them.
  4. Repeated excuses why they don’t accomplish anything substantial: A person with a mediocrity mindset will rarely commit to a goal or regimen which requires action and sacrifice on their part. There is always an excuse why something will not work or why they can’t do something. In some cases, there are hollow commitments and shallow promises for change, but never any action or follow-through.
  5. Attempting to superficially mimic: Copy-catting and trying to duplicate the prosperity or growth in others without doing the actual work or trying to understand the process it takes to achieve lasting success. The root cause of this is the emotion called envy. The mediocrity mindset is ripe ground for an envious attitude to take root and grow. Most often the mimicry is of something that is external in nature: money, fitness, fashion, material possessions, etc.; there is rarely ever an attempt to mimic the internal character qualities: patience, kindness, self-control, contentment, etc.
  6. Living in the moment and for instant short term gratification: A mediocrity mindset will not save for the future; any extra financial gain or assets are quickly eaten and spent and not planted.
  7. A lifestyle of borrowing and living off credit: Buying luxuries yet they are barely to afford the necessities. Always ‘borrowing from Peter to pay Paul’ to satisfy quick impulse purchases.
  8. Limited vision and thinking: Constantly living in stagnation; never making any type of breakthrough or progress beyond their current state. Always looking at life through the lens of pessimism; never looking to seize opportunities to excel.

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