Giant slayer

David is probably my favorite person in the Bible. He was a warrior, poet and king. He was passionate about God but also made some major mistakes; in spite of which he always humbled himself before the Almighty.

Probably the most famous story of David is when he slew Goliath.

There are a lot of sermons and teachings out there that talk about this famous Bible story; most of which are fantastic lessons.

Today however I want to key in on a couple of points in this story that speak to me. I want to bring to your attention an itemized list of keys pulled from the sequence of events in the story we’ve read so many times in 1 Samuel 17.

Key #1: When the enemy is conducting operations against you, be prepared to hear lies that are designed to tear down your faith and morale.  

1 Samuel 17:8-11 “Goliath stood and shouted a taunt across to the Israelites. Why are you all coming out to fight?” he called. “I am the Philistine champion, but you are only the servants of Saul. Choose one man to come down here and fight me! If he kills me, then we will be your slaves. But if I kill him, you will be our slaves! I defy the armies of Israel today! Send me a man who will fight me!” When Saul and the Israelites heard this, they were terrified and deeply shaken.

Enemy Objective: Extinguish your will to fight and instead replace it with fear and doubt.

Illustration: Notice that there is nothing really in the story telling in detail about how Goliath’s prowess as a warrior or his military career. In fact, other than being called the champion of the Philistines, there is no talk of him. It would seem, his only real notoriety came from the fact that he was really big in size…and we also see that he had a big mouth. In fact, he was hurling insults at David as he walked out on the battle field.

Affect: The entire Israelite army, consisted of grown men and trained warriors, was afraid to take action. Think about that for a second. An entire army, made up of battle hardened commandos, was completely afraid to get on the battle field. Why were they afraid? Because of what Goliath was saying to them.

Key #2: When facing a giant, trial or any life challenge, take the time to intentionally recall, replay and remember the greatness and faithfulness of God you have witnessed in the past.

Enemy Objective: To make you think that this is your final hour. He wants you to think that the problem you’re facing is just too big and this is really your last chance.

Illustration: When David volunteered to take down Goliath, King Saul tried talking David out of it. He told David he was too young, too small, too inexperienced and too ill-equipped. Notice what David did instead. He replied by sharing all the victories that God had given him in the past. David bragged on God and spoke with confidence of His might and power. David mentioned very specific instances when he watched God do the impossible.

1 Samuel 17:34-37 “But David persisted. “I have been taking care of my father’s sheep and goats,” he said. “When a lion or a bear comes to steal a lamb from the flock, I go after it with a club and rescue the lamb from its mouth. If the animal turns on me, I catch it by the jaw and club it to death. I have done this to both lions and bears, and I’ll do it to this pagan Philistine, too, for he has defied the armies of the living God! The Lord who rescued me from the claws of the lion and the bear will rescue me from this Philistine!” Saul finally consented. “All right, go ahead,” he said. “And may the Lord be with you!”

Affect:  Speak aloud and bear witness to other believers the times your Father has delivered you, provided for you and protected you. I cannot stress this enough: YOU MUST BE INTENTIONAL WHEN DOING THIS. In the midst of whatever you’re walking through right now, block it out. Take the next few moments to write down your Victory List. Close your eyes and put yourself back in that moment when you were last up against a giant and remember that very instant when Heaven stepped in and slayed whatever you were facing.

Key #3: You’ve already been equipped to face the giant:

Enemy Objective: The enemy wants you to think that you are not capable or equipped to stand firm and engage whatever trial you’re facing. He wants you to feel defenseless, weak and unprepared.

Illustration: First off when David volunteered to take down and kill the giant, King Saul said yes and thought he was doing David a favor and honor by lending him the king’s personal body armor. After all, all he saw was a teenage shepherd boy with no battlefield experience and armed with a simple sling.

David tried on the armor (I think just to be polite) but he had to respectfully decline. We read David’s response in detail here: 

1 Samuel 17: 38-40 “Then Saul gave David his own armor—a bronze helmet and a coat of mail. David put it on, strapped the sword over it, and took a step or two to see what it was like, for he had never worn such things before.

“I can’t go in these,” he protested to Saul. “I’m not used to them.” So David took them off again. He picked up five smooth stones from a stream and put them into his shepherd’s bag. Then, armed only with his shepherd’s staff and sling, he started across the valley to fight the Philistine. 

David was not familiar with a soldier’s armor and weapons. What he was familiar with was his sling and most importantly his faith, confidence and experience in the Lord.

You are equipped to face the giant because of who you are in Christ. He overcame and is victorious, so are you. If there are additional tools or people who God want to bring across your path to assist, He will make that clear and plain. The best way to know if the assistance is from the Lord is this: it won’t be an awkward fit and you won’t need to force it for it to work. It will be complimentary and not a hindrance.

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