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Bio PicOriginally from a small New England town, Matthew joined the Navy in 1998. He met his lovely wife Erica, while they both were junior Sailors attending technical training at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes Ill.

Matthew’s powerful and compelling story is a testimony of overcoming hardships and extreme adversity. His life experiences show the tenacity of the human heart and the endless love of an eternal God.

Late on an August night in 1984, when Matthew was only six years old, his dad Michael committed suicide; Matthew found him moments after the fatal shot was fired.

Since that tragic day, Matthew has endured the death of his little brother from an overdose in 2004, followed by the suicides of four other family members over a span of about eight years, including the suicide of his own teenage daughter. On May 12th 2015, Matthew found his 15-year-old daughter Elizabeth after she had taken her own life.

Through these tragic losses, Matthew describes how he has survived and continues to persevere. He shares his experience with feelings of loss, grief, mourning and the epic question that so many people ask… ‘Why?’

Through his own personal relationship with Jesus Christ, combined with being planted in a healthy and dynamic church fellowship, Matthew discovered that despite his many hardships, God’s grace and love as his Heavenly Father is both powerful and always present.

In his testimony, Matthew shares the fact that we do not do life alone. We’re meant to be part of a community of fellow Believers who can help us stand during the storms of life; when tragedy knocks us flat on our back and there are fist size holes in our shield.  Being plugged in and connected to a church family is critical to not only surviving; that connection ensures that we’re able to properly navigate the feelings of grief, loss and disappointment and then properly steward our experiences to effectively share our testimony.

Matthew shares how God has already charted the daily course of our lives and how God has plans to preserve, promote and prosper us through every encounter and action drawn onto the map of our lives. It is through our intentional faith, that God not only sustains us, but He accelerates us.

With over 20 years of continuing military service, in a broad scope of environments, Matthew has gained a vast amount of leadership experience; both enlisted and as an officer.

He has been on operations in some of the world’s harshest locations and led some of the finest men and women. Matthew’s cultural and leadership expertise spans numerous countries and tours of duty.

His extensive leadership experience, organizational skills and mentorship training, combined with his unique and compelling personal testimony, has equipped Matthew in a dynamic and powerful way.

Matthew has a ‘down to earth’ and effective heart-based leadership approach, which is used to accelerate people toward their full potential, provide inspiration and ultimately encourage a lifelong relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ

Matthew delivers his unique and relevant personal and professional experience with a deep commitment to helping others—resulting in lives changed, souls set free from bondage and people having clarity on what God’s perfect plan is for their lives.

CHARTEDLIFE365 is comprised of his coaching, leadership, mentoring and inspirational writing.

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