Psalm 139:8

“If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.”

Genesis 1:16

Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us…”

The times of apparent silence is when God speaks the most. These times of quiet are seasons of preparation…and by resting in the preparation there is also restoration and healing.

They are episodes when God is doing His character building and refining.

By being brought into the valley, a place where I’ve literally needed God just to draw my next breath, I’ve come to see and understand some of the most obvious yet so easily ignored truths.

While traversing through valley and over miles of apparent silence, I’ve come to understand that God is actually speaking to us all the time.

His voice is a beacon that pulses and echoes through the silence and darkness, letting us know that He is not only aware of the big picture, but He has also charted every tiny detail.

The beacon of His voice sweeps across the plane of eternity into the realm of now, constantly and rhythmically trying to reach us and give the answers we so desperately seek.

But too often, our mind and soul are cluttered with noise and distraction. Our internal receivers are not calibrated or tuned into the spiritual frequency range that His voice is being transmitted on.

Interference from life unfolding around us, becomes static on the communications signal the He is constantly sending.

I found that in the journey of healing, one of the biggest forms of interference is the constant searching for the answer to the questions ‘Why God…why did all this happen…what is your purpose?’.

This was to me, the single most frustrating question, which plagued my mind. It kept me restless and unsettled.

I would press so hard to get answers to such simple yet monumental questions. The quantity and magnitude of all my losses made me bound and determined to have everything explained to me.

I wanted God’s plan explained to me up front.

I wanted God to spell everything out, right now and in full detail.

Instead I’ve been on this repeating cycle of blessing and breakthrough followed by periods of quiet and stillness. So still in fact, that it almost seems that nothing is happening.

In my blog post ‘Whispers’ ( ), I talk about the times where we transit from being at the rest stops and peaks of refreshment to being back on the long road with valleys in between.

I’ve come to discover that these valleys are where the voice of God is found in the most unusual places. Obvious locations that a broken or anxious heart wouldn’t expect to see or hear God.

The valley is a time of preparation.

There are no high points of excitement or grand events to distract the heart and mind.

The silence and calm of the valley serves as a medium by which we are more clearly able to focus on what God is doing.

Here we see His attention to detail in building the masterpiece of our lives.

Hidden truths, that have been staring us in the face our entire life, suddenly shimmer and flash like a precious diamond from amongst the desert sand.

The valley now becomes our ally, because it is in the silence of the valley that we are able to more perfectly focus our attention on God.

Through prayerful meditation and pondering on our Father’s will, we start to see how He has pieced and stitched together every fine thread in our lives.

God certainly wants us to have the moments of outpouring and blessing; they are a testimony to His richness and love toward us. But while the rest stops and peaks of blessings are crucial to maintaining a walk of faith, the times of teaching and preparation are just as vital to producing the likeness of Him in our Spirit.

Man was made in the image of God. This statement is so often glossed over as poetic and profound, but we don’t park on this scripture long enough and meditate on the deeper meaning.

Our likeness to God is not just in body only, but also in spirit.

The end goal is for each of us to be an exact duplicate of Him; internally as well as externally.

The seasons in the valley serve that purpose. These times serve to cleanse, build and restore; so that the likeness of Christ becomes more and more visible in us.

Restoration and preparation in the valley allows for the fusion of our character into His character. An assimilation into what He designed us to be; His Heavenly facsimiles and emissaries in this physical plane.

By laying aside the angst and urgency for answers, I’ve been able to discover that the time of apparent silence is actually a time of both preparation and restoration.

In the valley we hear God the most…when we’re tuned in and ready to receive.


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